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Local and Long-Distance Moving Services

We can handle short and long-distance moves with ease, both residential and commercial. Based in Montreal, we provide local moving services for residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Greater Montreal area and long distance moving services throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Our fully-equipped moving trucks are ready to move you at any time. Our team of skilled and experienced movers, packers and drivers work together to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Standard packing is included in the move—your furniture, appliances and large electronics (TVs, desktop monitors, etc) will be blanket wrapped and/or plastic wrapped. Beside standard parking, partial (packing boxes) and full packing services are offered at an additional cost.

The disassembly and assembly is included in the price of the move too. Our movers will disassemble and reassemble your furniture, appliances, electronics and other items as part of the moving service.

As a full-service moving company Omega Moving can can handle every aspect of your move or you can choose customised options—with or without packing, with or without disassembling, with or without assembling, furniture only, labour-only services, and many other customised options to match your requirements.

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Local and Long Distance Transport and Delivery

We specialize in small freight Pickup and Delivery. We pick up and deliver medium and small freight loads in the Greater Montreal area and to all of Quebec and Ontario. We deliver furniture, mattresses, major appliances, gym equipment, slot machines and arcades, small industrial equipment, products on pallets, and other bulky or heavy goods.

Pianos and Pool Tables

We offer short and long-distance moves for all types of pianos and pool tables. Moving a pool table or a piano is a sophisticated task, both must be moved with extreme caution and require additional manpower and specialized equipment. Both pianos and pool tables vary greatly in size and weight. A regular slate table pool table weighs anywhere from 650 to 1,000 lbs., a vertical piano weighs from 190 kg to 270 kg while a concert grand piano (the heavywest) can weigh up to 1200 lbs (544 kg).

Several factors can affect the final cost of moving your pool table or piano, especially piano: size and weight, distance traveled, number of movers needed for the job, elevation (crane service needed), stairs, narrow corridors, tight corners and other obstacles.

Moving a pool table or a piano is a long, complicated, and expensive process. If you attempt to move a pool table or a piano on your own, there are many risks involved. These moves require special disassembly, wrapping and packing and trained movers who have the proper knowledge and skills.

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Local Moves vs Long Distance Moves

For local moves (less than 50 miles or 80 km), we charge by the hour and rates depend on the size of the truck, the number of men required for the job, the accessibility of the belongings, additional services, and the number of hard-to-move items—large, heavy, bulky or very fragile.

Long distance moves (over 50 miles or 80 km) are based on the mileage from the loading site to the destination point, the size of the move or the weight. In most cases we require an in-home estimate (or a virtual in-home estimate) and a comprehensive inventory of your items.

Moving Services

Local Moving

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We consider a local move to be within 80 kilometres or 50 miles of your starting location.

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Emergency Moving

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As emergency movers, we cover the Greater Montreal Area and its surroundings.

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Long Distance Moves

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At Omega Moving, we consider a long-distance move to be any move over 80 km or 50 miles.

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Residential Moving

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As residential movers, we offer both local and long distance moves in the Greater Montreal area and its surroundings.

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Commercial Moving

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Omega Moving provides commercial moving services for entrepreneurs and businesses in the GMA and its surroundings.

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Specialized Moves

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All our specialized moves - fragile, precious, large or heavy items - are handled with extreme care and caution.

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Moving Related Services

Packing Services

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Omega Moving offers packing services for residential and commercial clients in the Greater Montreal Area and its vicinity.

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Transport and Delivery

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We handle, transport and deliver furniture, major appliances, gym equipment, products on pallets, and other bulky or heavy goods.

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Furniture Assembly

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Our furniture installers have the proper tools and knowledge to carry out both new and used furniture installations.

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Local Moving Labor

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In need of professional labour for moving? We can provide labour for your move anywhere in the Greater Montreal area.

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Storage Services

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We are pleased to announce that from 1st April 2023, we will offer storage units of different sizes to meet your space needs.

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Cleaning Service

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Cleaning services before or after moving in Greater Montreal. We clean apartments, houses and commercial properties.

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